Cohen Center Books

Cohen Center for Kansas History

The Cohen Center for Kansas History is a special collection and research library dedicated to preserving historic resources in Kansas, and inspiring research, teaching, and creative work on the agricultural, cultural, economic, educational, military, and political histories of Kansas. A result of the generosity of the late Barton P. and Dr. Mary Davidson Cohen of Leawood, Kansas, the Cohen Center is located in the southeast alcove of the Barton Library on the Great Bend campus.

The Cohens donated funds to renovate the portion of the Library that is now the Cohen Center, and contributed more than 1,200 volumes to establish the collection. Their dream, and that of Barton Community College, was that these donations would be the foundation of an ever-growing special collection within a library that is continually advancing as the information hub for Barton and the communities it serves.

That vision is being realized, as other generous donors have since added materials. Currently the Cohen Center’s holdings number over 1,700 titles. In addition to the Barton P. and Dr. Mary Davidson Cohen History Collection, other donated collections include:

  • Barton Community College Foundation Collection
  • Angela Bates Collection
  • Frederick Cross Collection
  • Robert A. Fiala Collection
  • Vern Fryberger Collection
  • Mary L. Hester Collection
  • Becki Libhart Collection
  • Linda McCaffrey Collection
  • Ray S. Schultz Collection
  • Rex Wade Collection
  • Mae Weaver Collection

Researchers and other visitors are welcome to visit the Cohen Center. In order to guarantee the maximum benefit, though, we do require the making of appointments. This will ensure that appropriate staff and resources are available. Details for arranging the visit as well as parameters for use of the Cohen Center are found in the Guidelines for Access.